We are looking for a Watchman cum Cleaner who can supervise the assigned area and knows how to do maintenance at the same time.

Key responsibilities of the role include:

Patrol designated property to monitor and prevent intrusion, damage, hazards, and breaches of security.
protect property and tenants from theft, damage, trespassing, or accidents.
Identify and investigate suspicious behavior, threats, and irregular activity.
Respond to alarms and requests for help.
Monitor and control the entrance and departure of tenants according to a prescribed protocol.
Maintain the cleanliness of the building’s premises and areas.
Detect and confront unauthorized persons and violators of security procedures.
Report rule infractions and violations.
Monitor and prevent movement of prohibited items into and out of the property.
Conduct exterior property checks for maintenance issues, malfunctions, or hazards.
Contact relevant authorities to deal with unlawful or irregular activities.
Inspect and test fire and security systems.
Knows how to do maintenance and repairs such as plumbing, painting, electrical repairs, and air conditioning works.


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